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You're About to Get A License To Download The Developer Zip For Each Of These Products!

Including Editable Text (.txt) and Graphics Files (.psd)


    This is the MP4 video that we created as part of this product.


    This is the ebook we produced from the video transcription.


    These are the editable and customizeable graphics files!


    This is the ebook text file & all editable files you may need.


    This is your license to modify and sell the specific product.

PLR Masterpiece saves you time because instead of having to come up with an idea from scratch this PLR content gives you the idea and foundation to work from.

PLR Masterpiece saves you money. If you were to hire a copy writer to produce just ONE PLR product the cost would be in the thousands of dollars.

PLR Masterpiece gives you flexibility. You can change the content, combine it, expand on it and customize it to suit your needs. Not only can you change the content, but you must change it.

Even though you can definitely use the PLR content as is, it’s much better to rewrite it. Owning PLR rights allows you to add, delete, rearrange and revise the content so can make it your own!

PLR Masterpiece allows YOU to claim authorship of the material. Because you’re creating an entirely new piece of content, you can put your name on it and claim copyright.

PLR Masterpiece is a great way to create traffic and to create direct revenue in your business as well. Here are just a few of the things you can do with your PLR MAsterpiece license..

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License Number: XXXXsampleXXXXXX
Valid Only For: Your Name Here
Email Address: Your Email Here
From The Date Of: Your Purchase Date Here

This license is not transferable and will be revoked upon refund or cancelation of membership. Licensee now has has the following rights and must abide by the rules to remain in good standing and avoid cancelation.

  • [YES] Can be given away “as is” on your squeeze pages in exchange for optin.
  • [YES] Can be edited, modified or combined.
  • [YES] Can claim authorship of text files.
  • [YES] Can be added to your membership sites.
  • [YES] Can be used as content for a larger product.
  • [YES] Can be dissected into smaller pieces of content.
  • [NO] Cannot use the name Omar Martin, Melinda Martin or Higher Level Strategies, Inc. in your marketing of this plr material.
  • [NO] Cannot use the image likeness or logo of Omar Martin, Melinda Martin or Higher Level Strategies, Inc. in your marketing of this plr material.
  • [NO] Cannot sell or giveaway PLR rights.
  • [NO] Cannot pass on the source files.
  • [NO] Cannot be launched "as is" without modification.

You may not just pass the zip folders on to your customers in their current state because they contain source material that only YOU have a license for. This license is not transferable so you must extract the material and customize it for sale & distribution. Higher Level Strategies Inc. reserves the right to terminate this license for violation of any of these PLR rules.

If you are still not sure of what you can or cannot do with this material please ask us at www.HLShelpDesk.com We’ve worked hard over the years to produce all this content. We appreciate your business and we are looking forward to seeing your success by using this material.

  • Spin it in to blog posts
  • Create articles for backlinking
  • Produce a product with it
  • Rename and sell it as your own
  • Turn it into email content
  • Break it up into autoresponders
  • Create slide presentations
  • Produce videos from the material
  • Conduct seminar presentations
  • Use it as a gift for clients
  • Rebrand with your links and distribute
  • Convert to physical books
  • Assemble a home study course
  • Pull content for your newsletters and broadcasts
  • Use it as coaching call and webinar topics
  • Creating video tutorials/series as DVD products
  • Creating audio clips/series
  • Bundle with other items to increase value
  • Combine with interviews
  • Start a membership website and drip in the material
  • Create websites with it for flipping
  • Use it for podcasting topics
  • Rewrite it to create magazine articles
  • Submit guest posts on their marketers blogs
  • Break it up into smaller chunks
  • Create social media content for you groups and pages
  • Create bonus offers for product launches
  • Offer it as a promo tool for your affiliates
  • Create adsense sites for affiliate sales

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